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Welcome home.  Thank you for your service — are common sayings that the first combatants of the Gulf War would hear from fellow Americans when they returned home.  These words were NOT shared with returning warriors of the Vietnam War…until forty-five years later! 

Motivated by the above, I wrote a book about it called CONDEMNED PROPERTY?  It served its purpose well—beyond my wildest dreams, as it made a difference in many lives of those who served in the Vietnam War as well as family members and friends.  Launched in December 2013, CONDEMNED PROPERTY?  nearly ended my life as I was dealt with an ischemic stroke, also in December 2013, leaving me with permanent impairments. 

Vietnam War buddies never gave up over there and so I wasn’t going to give up on them now.  So at the suggestion of dozens of CONDEMNED PROPERTY? readers, I began writing a second book, a sequel to the first one, naming it…PAYBACK TIME!  It will become available via other channels soon, but PAYBACK TIME! is ready to order NOW directly from me. 

PAYBACK TIME! is meant to re-solidify the reasons why troubled Vietnam War veterans and all war veterans should maintain a high level of…HOPE.  Vietnam War veterans kept on fighting bravely, taking it for their loved ones back home even when America had seemingly given up on them.  Nam vets weren’t over there because we hated the Viet Cong.  We were over there because we loved those we left behind.

 Today’s surviving Vietnam War veterans are mostly proud of their service over there and they would do it again.  Unfortunately, their war never ended, as Vietnam and the American government has continued to strike them down long after they returned home.  PAYBACK TIME! continues to tell their story, a story that needed to be told in a passionate and truthful manner.  Please send your check or money order today.  

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(Vietnam veterans subtract $3.00.)

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