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 Dear Fellow Patriots:

On December 20, 2012 it was reported in The Daily Beast that the Number of Veterans Who Die Waiting for Benefits Claims Skyrockets!
I can personally attest to this as the VA took 2  years to finally approve my disability claim for Agent Orange caused Diabetes Type II.

However, VA denied most other related conditions and I continue to battle them. The infamous VA process of 'Deny, Delay Till We Die' is covered in my First book,Condemned Property, published in late 2013, before the VA scandlals hit the news.

In May 2013, Good Morning America/Yahoo News released an article entitled as such 'Suicide Rate Spikes in Vietnam Vets Who Won't Seek Help!' Suicide rates among Vietnam War Veterans have always been the highest of any particular group, and it still is in 2013 says the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This alarming fact is one of the reasons why I have written and completed a book dedicated to my brothers who fought in Vietnam and are still fighting to stay alive.

When I graduated from Twinsburg High School in 1963, I did not know that only five years later I would be a combat soldier fighting for my life and for the lives of others in the jungles of Vietnam. Now over forty years after my feet are back on American soil, I have written a book that I had to write, CONDEMNED PROPERTY? Soldiers of the Vietnam War could have been easily coined 'Earned Valor' because the real heroic experiences of my fellow combat soldiers in Vietnam came at an earned price, one that forced every bit of heart, nerve and sinew that was left within us, to continue on.

Today my Nam brothers are challenged with coping with the debilitating aftermath of that brutal war?some of the many scars are the effects of Agent Orange and also Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The compelling book that I wrote describes how many other true combat veterans of the Vietnam War and I are forced to cope with our disabilities many years later in the aftermath of a war that caused these illnesses. I proudly served with and fought side-by-side with dozens of 'real' war heroes who earned many deserving prestigious awards. I earned my own fair share as well. My war brothers and I vowed never to throw our awards over a fence as one Washington politician once did. Condemned Property? is a book that Veterans Administration (VA) does not want you to read!

None of us lives forever, but a good book can!



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